Our ministry is unique.

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We provide experience working along with our neighbors on the streets or in low-income housing in the struggle for life.  Students and volunteers are welcomed into the world of extreme poverty and homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction and recovery, immigration and multicultural issues, and mental and physical health battles.
Students and volunteers find themselves experiencing ministry on the streets and under bridges, in parks and libraries, jails and hospitals.  And all of this, takes place not in the context of a social service agency but in the communion of a church, which prays, worships, cares, and seeks to build Christian community at the harsh and difficult margins of our city.  Students and volunteers have the opportunity to see first-hand how the gospel matters as we engage one another in the work of hospitality and mercy in our journey toward justice and peace.
We have opportunities for folks to
  • contribute to our newspaper and seasonal devotionals
  • participate in weekly leadership meetings
  • attend appropriate local interfaith and ecumenical meetings
  • develop and nurture relationships with local outreach organizations and supportive churches
  • help with donation intake and sorting
  • run errands that relate to helping care for community members
  • serve folks who need items from our clothing closet or medicine cabinet
For our pastoral interns, students also have the opportunity to offer pastoral care, teaching, preaching, and help with worship planning.
Using your gifts.
At Mercy, we seek not only to incorporate you into what we are already doing, but to use your gifts and incorporate them into the life of our community.  Art?  Music?  Cooking?  Cleaning?  Cutting hair?  Translation?  Knowledge of healthcare?  We’re excited to see what you have to offer!
In the past we have had volunteers from the PC(USA) Young Adult Volunteer program, short-term volunteers from DOOR Atlanta, interns from Columbia Theological Seminary, local community members who volunteer with us on a regular/semi-regular basis, and volunteers who move to Atlanta to volunteer with Mercy for months at a time.  Regardless of your situation, we can work with you!
We take great joy in working with women and men who feel the call to intentionally volunteer or explore parish ministry in an urban context.