Easter Sunday, April 16th

By: Maggie Leonard

Acts 10: 34-43

Reflection—v. 36, You know the message [God] sent to the people of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ

Peace.  That is what Jesus preached.  That is the heart of the good news. Peace. When I was a student, I took the call to peace very literally.  Pursuing peace meant an end 20170215_121752to war, violence in the streets, and systematic oppression.  It was something that I could see and that I could throw all of my energy into chasing and demanding—and I had a lot of energy.  When I would go to rallies, I would see bumper stickers and t-shirts that mused about the importance of inner peace.  I dismissed the wisdom.  Inner peace is for the privilleged.  Who has time for that nonsense?  I have come to see the error of my ways.  Though still pretty spry, I’ve slowed down a bit.  When someone is not well with herself (sometimes that person is me), I can feel the vibration of fear or anger.  I can see the holes and unintended implications in their plan.  The ceasation of violence will come when our strong hearts align with our minds, allowing us to approach others without reactivity and with tenderness and a willingness to understand another’s journey.  This is what Jesus modeled for us in going to the cross.  And the hope that he gives us in his resurrection.  New life is indeed possible.

Prayer Beloved, help us pursue peace that we might enjoy your new world today.