Click on the Devotional Cover for an easy to read, single page electronic devotional.  The additional link will be useful if you would like to print off a copy of our devotional for your personal use.  For this version, print the pages double sided, cut the paper in half along the horizontal axis in the same order that it comes off the printer, stack the pages, fold, and staple.  We hope you enjoy!



2017 Lenten Devotional

printable, quarter-page version of 2017 Lenten Devotional

Lent 2015 Daily Devotional

2015 Lenten Devotional

Advent and Christmas 2014 Daily Devotional

2014 Advent/Christmas Devotional

Easter 2014 Daily Devotional

2014 Easter Devotional

Lent 2014 Daily Devotional

2014 Lenten Devotional