Financial Contributions


We are a church that operates with a very low budget.  All money that is donated to Mercy goes right back out into the  community; with it we buy coffee, sugar, creamer, salt, butter, and pay rent and for newspapers.  As we can, we also help
our community members with needs they have in regards to transportation, healthcare, and housing.  The rest of what we do is dependent upon the generosity of those who donate to us in-kind goods—with those items we are able to share food and offer classes.

Part of how we are able to keep our financial needs so low is that Chad, as head pastor, and his wife made a decision years ago, that they would raise their family off her income alone; that he would not receive a salary for his pastoral work.  Likewise, other pastors who have worked with Chad at Mercy have either fundraised their salaries like a missionary or have worked additional jobs in order to support themselves at Mercy.

Working at Mercy is good and hard work.  It is also work that cannot be done with only a staff of one (it’s been tried before).  We hope that you will also consider supporting Maggie’s ministry with us. so that we may keep our doors open.  Poor people, too, deserve and are in need of pastoral care.  Please help us to offer such life saving attention.