You Help Sustain This Work

IMG_2460We hope you will consider helping to sustain our work in some way.  Whether it’s sharing a few canned goods or an extra package of socks, some time volunteering at the freeze shelter this winter, or a regular monthly donation, we promise to use what is shared with us faithfully.  We are thankful for all those who support us and help keep our doors open so that this community of Jesus-followers can gather, and fellowship, and know that they are welcome and beloved.

Thank you to all our contributors, including our partner organizations

Your Contribution Helps Keep Our Doors Open

Mercy is open 4-5 days of the week for services (plus additional administrative days).  This includes serving breakfast, hosting classes, offering daily worship and Bible study, cleaning, and taking meals onto the streets.  Every day that we are open we host anywhere from 20-80 people, and still find time to prepare sermons and answer emails (most of the time).  It is difficult, beautiful, life-giving work, but to operate we need full-time pastors and additional help.

Why We Need Financial Contributions

We are a church that operates with a very low budget.  So much of what we do is completely donation-based.  What is shared with us goes directly into the community.  When others share with us loaves and fishes, we give thanks to God and distribute them as best we can, and somehow there is always enough.

We do not take up an offering and we are not supported by any one denomination or congregation.  What we have comes directly from those willing to share with and support us!  However, we do have expenses.  We pay rent.  We pay for interns through the Young Adult Volunteer Program.  We help our community members with public transportation and prescription expenses, and just recently we began a new breakfast program to provide healthier heartier meals for our community members.  One of the reasons we are able to operate on such a small budget is because our founding pastor, Chad Hyatt has never taken a salary.  Through the years other pastors at Mercy have fundraised for their salary (similar to missionaries) or worked second jobs.  Our newest associate pastor, Brittany Fiscus-van Rossum is currently fundraising for a small monthly stipend to help pay for childcare, insurance, and rent so that she may work at Mercy as a full-time pastor. (You can read Brittany’s call story in our newest Summer 2018 Mercy Newspaper in our Publications)

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