Covid19 Response

Donation Information

We are currently providing 9+ meals a week to our growing community and we need your help!

Current needs include breakfast items (eggs, frozen pre-cooked sausage, quick grits), face masks, sugar, salt, deodorant, wet wipes, ponchos, hygiene kits, men’s shoes and clothing (including underwear), and powdered lemonade or gaterade.

Because of our small staff and social distancing restrictions donation drop offs must be coordinated with Pastor Brittany or one of our staff. Donations can be dropped off without contact, but must be scheduled in advance. Please email Pastor Brittany at  Because our staff is also busily serving our community throughout the day, please allow some response time to schedule your drop off.


Volunteer Information

We are currently seeking a limited number of volunteers on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (8am-1pm), and Sunday (10am-2pm).  On-site volunteering include tasks such as making coffee, prepping and serving food, organizing donations, carrying heavy items to serving area, cleaning dishes, and disinfecting serving areas. Due to our social distancing restrictions and extensive safety protocols we may not be able to utilize all volunteers on-site. We are currently meeting out-of-doors at St. John’s Lutheran Church (1410 Ponce de Leon Ave, NE 30307). Please email or one of our staff if you are available for on-site volunteering. Please understand that our staff is busily serving our community throughout the day. We need your help and will respond to inquiries as quickly as we are able!

Pray for us

We believe in the power of prayer and hope you will remember us in yours. Pray for all those who are vulnerable. Pray for those who are faithfully staying home to protect their neighbors. Pray for those who do not have a home and must seek shelter elsewhere. Pray for the wellness of our community. Pray for our pastors and volunteers. Pray for us and know that we will be praying for you too–trusting that God is with us, ever revealing to us how to love and care for one another.

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