Our Psalm— Mercy and St. Luke’s Pres

We are all God’s children,IMG_5447

though we don’t always act like it.

Sometimes we feel like we live in chaos,

and it’s scary—we get frustrated.

We know God is always with us and has a plan,

even when we can’t tell.

We are going to help others whenever we can

by listening


and acting.

We hope that others will have compassion for us,

like we try to have for others.

We commit to being in community, even when it’s messy.

And we will learn from one another with humility.

We do this because we’re trying to follow God’s call—God who is always with me.

Loving one another will be hard, but we will do it anyways.


*photo by Lucie Canfield

Poem written by friends visiting from Oxford, MS

By: St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church’s Youth Group

From what we have, let us share!

As God’s people, we support one another because God loves and supports us.

We will encourage one another every today.Photo on 2013-03-11 at 14.13

For all we lose physically from our abundance, we gain spiritually.

When we’re lost in dark valleys—when we feel anguish, brokenness, hopelessness, sadness, anger, loneliness—let us helping hand, comforting shoulder, and listening ear we will accept the help of our neighbors.

When we are feeling good, healthy, and energetic, we will do the same for others.

We, God’s people, will provide warm beds to lay our hearts and heads.

May we forever place our hope in the Lord who will give us the confidence and courage to do this good work.


Youth groups this summer have been re-writing Lynda’s Homeless Psalm and Psalm 23 to reflect how we experience God in the world. This is the Psalm that the youth choir from St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, NC and members of Mercy wrote together:

God is our teacher, leader, guide, protector, father, mother, brother, sister, and friend.

We are content in the face of challenges, you are always with me in different forms.

We lie down in the woods, alley, train, abandoned buildings, under the bridge, and comfortable in bed.

As we walk, we listen for God and know you are near.

Our prejudice and ignorance try to destroy us.

We gather round your table, friends and enemies unified in your love.

In that moment, we find hope—a glimpse of what you want us to be.