IMG_2935Luke 21: 25-36

Reflection—v. 25-26, ‘anguish…perplexity…terror…’
Sometimes on my drive into Mercy in the mornings, I turn the radio off because I feel so
overwhelmed by what I hear on the news. I will soon pull up to our familiar little patio and see the faces of my community members still chilled from the night before. Within the hour, we will gather for prayer to listen to one another as we mourn and lament, sharing always in joys, but often in concerns. Thinking about the overwhelming needs in our community, the lack of resources, the cold nights, the abuse from authorities, the closing of another shelter, the fear of being pushed out by the city for the Super Bowl—it can be too much. And so, sometimes I must turn off the news for a moment and sit in the silence as I drive, asking God to draw near. Terror. Apprehension. Anguish and perplexity. These are the words used to describe the nations’ response to what is coming on the world. When I am surrounded by our world’s own stories of terror and anguish, they leave me with feelings of apprehension and perplexity. Yet, even in such times as these, I am reminded to stand up and lift my head, for what draws near is not doom and destruction, but our redemption. Terror and hatred shall not have the final word, for the one who is coming to glory and power comes not by violence or fear-mongering, but with a message of hope: your redemption is drawing near.

Prayer: When we are filled with anguish, Great Redeemer, draw near to us

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