Craig McDonald

Craig grew up in Marietta, GA.  After graduating from Columbus State University, he attended ColumbiaTheological Seminary.   Craig enjoys long walks on the beach and motorcycles.  In his free time he sits on a throne of lies and practices his kung-fu moves.  Craig is ordained in the Disciples of Christ Church and currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.


Jeannie  Alexander

Jeannie is a Christian Anarchist*, ethics and religion professor, ex-lawyer, follower of the fig tree killing, temple clearing, whore loving Nazarene, is a pastor engaged in homeless outreach, prison chaplaincy, and restorative justice.  She is on the board of The Contributor and can be found most days hanging out with Jesus in tent cities, crack houses, maximum security prisons, and on death row. Jeannie was ordained at Mercy.


Katie Aikins

Katie grew up in  Reykjavík, Iceland where her parents were missionaries.  She attended Colorado Christian University for undergrad, received her Masters of Divinity from Emory’s Candler School of Theology, and was ordained as a pastor at Mercy.  She is an incredible musician, sharing her talents both through music in worship as well as playing drums for Michael Stewart and Band.  She’s a gnarly bike rider, prophetic voice for justice, and has the best-most-embodied laugh. Katie currently works as Associate Minister at Druid Hills Methodist Church in Atlanta, GA.