Centering Youth

Centering Youth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit yoga service initiative that brings Yoga and Mindfulness to young people in juvenile justice system, and to those who have been sexually exploited, abused or are homeless.

First Yoga Class

Centering Youth and Mercy Community Church have partnered together to offer weekly yoga classes on the streets every Friday at 12:35. Like all Mercy activities, anyone is welcome to participate in the classes.  Being on the streets is difficult, bodies take lots of abuse when exposed to all the elements and when feet are the main source of transportation over the concrete.  In a safe environment, these yoga classes are designed to help relieve the stress of living on the streets, cultivate awareness, cultivate  focus, gain strength, embody flexibility, find balance, and help participants encounter both peace of mind and body.  In order to cultivate compassion and a mentality of service, we offer prayer requests at the beginning of each class.  Classes are followed by a shared meal, knowing at nourishing food is also important for wellness.