Lenten Devotional – Easter Sunday


By: Bethany Apelquist

Luke 24:1-12

Reflection—v. 24 ‘at early dawn, they came to the tomb’

There is something about the reassuring and hopeful warmth of resurrection that has always led me to picture Jesus rising from the grave in the middle of the day, when the sun was shining its brightest and the birds were awake, in the midst of the bustle of life. But both Gospels include the detail that it was at the dawn hour, when it was still dark, that the women arrived at the empty tomb. I imagine that these women had been up all night, unable to sleep as their grief consumed them. I picture them as they got up as early as they could, desiring to visit the tomb of their beloved friend in the darkness of mourning. When they arrived, they are met with a surprise, a surprise that no one saw coming, a surprise that would change their lives, and change the world. Now that I think about it, this feels right. It feels right that resurrection would come in the midst of darkness. It feels right that resurrection breaks in right at that moment when it feels like death has had its victory. We live in a world that can feel like the night is endless. A world where it seems like violence and hate have had their victory. But my friends, we are an Easter people. We can trust that it is right at this moment that we can expect resurrection. We know that Jesus is the resurrection, the new life that we all long for. We know that even in death, that sweet resurrection is right around the corner. This is our hope, this is our reason to celebrate, this is what changes our word.

Prayer: We give thanks for the hope of resurrection that comes to us even before the dawn.