Lenten Devotional – Wed, April 17th


By: Micah Casnave

Isaiah 50:4-9a

Reflection—v. 8 ‘let us stand up together’

What I think the prophet Isaiah is telling us is to stay firm, hold on, and keep using the tools that God has given us to spread God’s word. What are these tools? They are things that build up the community: loving one another, being encouraging, praying together and for one another, keeping the faith, being open, forgiving one another, and standing up for what is important. Isaiah says we’ve got to stand up together. And when we do that, when we take care of one another, God’s going to take care of us. But we can’t give up when we feel like nobody’s listening to us. Sometimes we’re going to wonder ‘is it all worth it?’ You’re going to feel like that sometimes, but you’ve got to stand strong and keep praying and be persistent. Keep sticking to these ‘tools,’ and ultimately, stay open. It’s a struggle and a battle out here everyday. But God is never going to be like, ‘Okay, it’s over with.’ No, it’s not! But it’s important that we remember God is with us, and to help others remember it as well. You have to know yourself and love yourself for the beloved child of God that you are. There’s a phrase that I like: ‘when I leave this earth, I know where I’m going.’ This helps me not to be worried about what this or that person has said or the ways that they’ve done harm to me. I’m not worried about that. As a beloved child of God, I can still choose to be kind and patient. You might not always think people are listening to you, but maybe they are, and it’s sinking in. Maybe when they go to themselves and meditate, they might think about it.

Prayer: God of abundant grace, give us the tools we need to do your work in the world and stand up together.