Lenten Devotional – Tue, April 19th

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By: Freddie Heath

Psalm 31: 9-16

Reflection—v. 15 ‘deliver me’

I am drawn to the psalms in particular, because they are like prayers and meditations to God. Some of the psalms, like this one, are about getting through a depression or misfortune, maybe even sickness or darkness. However, usually by the end of the psalm, there is the hope that the God of Israel will lift us up out of whatever makes us feel weak. So even when we’re at our worst, the hope is that God is still present in all those different emotions. The words of this psalm remind me of when we’ve talked about stories in scripture that mention people who have leprosy. In these stories, often nobody wants to be around them. They are quarantined, isolated. To me, that is what the author of this psalm sounds like they are experiencing. But though the writer of this psalm is experiencing something difficult, they have also been saved by the God of Israel. God has delivered them in their darkest moment. I have felt like that before. I have a condition that can be disorienting. It’s not a bad thing, because it is part of what makes me who I am, but I don’t always understand it. Sometimes I read the psalms, because I can relate to the feelings expressed by their writers. The psalms were given to me as a sort of protection, like a shield of protection from the God of Israel. I feel protected when I read them.

Prayer: God of great love, protect us. Include us. Remind us that we belong and that you care for us.