Lenten Devotional – Tue, April 9th

Jennifer Arnold

By: Jennifer Arnold

Psalm 126

Reflection—v. 6 ‘those who go out weeping…shall come home with shouts of joy.’

I love how this poem helps us imagine the relationship between mourning and rejoicing. Seen as seeds and sheaves, these two phases of life are visualized not as opposites but as different stages of the same whole. You cannot have one without out the other—within the seed is a future stalk of grain and within the sheaves are seeds waiting to fall to the earth. So, too, it is with our lives. How often I wish I could fast-forward right through my grief and trauma to a picture perfect ending. But God offers us something even better than a life absent of pain. God promises that in every stage of our lives God is working for our good. In our times of weeping and of celebration, and every feeling in-between, God is working with us to craft a beautiful story of redemption and hope. We rejoice not because our lives are perfect, but because God is our constant companion no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in.

Prayer: Trustworthy God, we rejoice in your steadfast love which is always working for our good.