Lenten Devotional – Mon, April 8th


By: Holly Reimer

Isaiah 43:16-21

Reflection—v. 18 ‘do not remember the prior things’

Don’t get stuck in the past. This is how I read this message from the prophet Isaiah. It makes me think about grudges or negative interactions I have had with people that I have held onto instead of letting go. It also makes me think of things in the past I want to over-romanticize—once again, albeit in a different way, holding onto something that doesn’t serve me.It’s easy to get stuck in the what-was, to look back in the rearview mirror. When I was learning how to drive, my Dad, in his infinite wisdom, would take me to abandoned parking lots and make me practice driving backwards. I spent a lot of time looking out the side and rear-view mirrors. Have you ever driven backwards for long stretches? It’s exhausting! It takes constant vigilance, slower speeds, and more concentration on the steering wheel. While I like to think of myself as a pretty skilled backwards driver, that is not how I navigate the streets, because it is not safe, productive, nor an effective use of my navigation. Moreover, it is definitely not the best way to share the road. To move forward we need to be looking forward, looking for the new things that God is up to right in front of us. It’s easy to get stuck looking in rearview mirrors. However, to move forward in life, it’s also important to pay attention to what God is putting in front of us.

Prayer: God-on-the-move, help us to be attentive to where you are leading us and look forward to what you have put ahead of us.