Lenten Devotional -Sat, April 6th

Mercy Group Photo

By: Maggie Leonard

Psalm 32

Reflection—v .9 ‘Don’t be like some senseless horse or mule, whose  movement must be controlled with a bit and bridle’

And I continue to quote the Psalm, ‘Don’t be like that!’ I hope this Lenten season that you tap into your creativity. I pray you feel comfortable with yourself, to enjoy the quirks of who you are and to remember your own basic goodness. I encourage you to explore your own personal self-expression, whatever it might be–song, dance, painting, collages, jokes, needlepoint, gardening, writing, building. I hope that you look at problems from a new vantage point and discern a new way of engaging them. I implore you to do something out of the ordinary—maybe even something wild, something that will make your heart sing and help you to feel the newness of the day. Have some sense about you, no need to do anything cruel or foolish. God has removed the burden of our sin. We can be intentional and live into the freedom and joy we are given by God through our forgiveness. Living a faithful life isn’t about following directions and going through the motions. It’s about being guided by wisdom in new directions. May we all be moved by the creative Holy Spirit this Lent, working to make a more equitable and joyful world.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, inspire our hearts to acts of creation, wonder, justice, and joy!