Lenten Devotional -Fri, April 5th

Maggie water

By: Maggie Leonard

2 Corinthians 5:16-21

Reflection—v. 20 ‘so we are ambassadors who represent Christ’

I recently had the privilege to travel to Palestine and Israel as a part of a clergy cohort on a sponsored trip. During our time there, we visited a town in the West Bank and had the opportunity to visit with Father Firas Diab Khoury, a Melkite priest living in Zababdeh. He is an enthusiastic preacher and captured my attention as he implored us to ‘make your hands dirty! Make your hands dirty because we need builders, builders of peace.’ Typically, ambassadors and capital cities are meant to be impressive and intimidating—they are shiny, exuding power. But we must remember that we serve a different kind of Lord. The kind of Lord who rubbed his hands in mud to heal eyes, the kind of Lord who fished in lakes and camped in gardens, the kind of Lord who engaged the unclean, the kind of Lord who loved all. We are ambassadors of reconciliation and peace, of equity and equality, of mess and discomfort. This ministry of reconciliation calls us to clean bathrooms and tear down walls. This ministry of reconciliation calls us to make our hands dirty for the sake of love.

Prayer: God our Lord, empower us to be the kind of ambassadors that you desire us to be: ministers of reconciliation and peace.