Lenten Devotional – Thur, April 4th

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By: Maggie Leonard

2 Corinthians 5:16-21

Reflection—v. 19 ‘by not counting people’s sins against them’

Another definition of reconciliation is ‘to bring to agreement.’ This term has been used not only to describe the merging of opinions, but also to balance accounts. Verse 19 tells us, ‘God reconciled the world to Godself through Christ by not counting people’s sins against them.’ Folks, if God did count our sins against us, we’d be in trouble because the balance is off. We are in debt. And there is nothing we can do to reconcile the amounts ourselves. We must acknowledge that we have not done right, in very concrete ways. But God does not want us to become so weighed down in our grief and shame that we are no longer able to look forward. Fear not! God works in another way, not keeping score of a game we are losing badly, but rather by pouring love out upon us and encouraging us to do the same. For many, keeping count, whether of misdeeds or debts, is a way of maintaining power. This call encourages us to turn away from power and toward right relationship.

Prayer: Forgive us our debts, O God, that we may forgive our debtors and seek right relationship.