Lenten Devotional – Wed, March 3rd


By: Maggie Leonard

2 Corinthians 5:16-21

Reflection—v. 18 ‘gave us the ministry of reconciliation’

In a recent conversation, my friend, Rev. Cassandra Henderson, was expressing frustration with people who want to pursue racial reconciliation. As she explained it, and I found myself agreeing with her, one definition of reconciliation is to restore, to bring back to its original state. However, where injustice is present, to restore a system that began as broken is not enough and might even be considered detrimental. We cannot in good faith restore our old racial systems of oppression (not that we yet have a society of equal respect and opportunity). Our ministry of reconciliation is about joining with God in a new creation, something more loving and just than we have ever witnessed. God draws us near, and we must be willing to let go of what we have allowed to divide us. This is the time to see what we cling to. This is the time to notice what keeps us at a standstill. This is the time to soften our heart and ready ourselves for change. This is the time to discover what new beginnings God has in the making. May we not work to rebuild systems of old—systems of death and destruction—but to seek the love that grows and changes and empowers each day.

Prayer: God of new life, empower us to relinquish systems of death and destruction and seek a new creation in you.