Lenten Devotional – Sun, March 31st


(Art by Melvin Robinson)

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 15:1-3,11b-32,

Reflection—v. 14 ‘he began to be in need’

An important learning goal for many parents with small children is to have the child ask for help when in need. ‘Use your words,’ we tell them when they start crying. But really, do we ever outgrow this stage? I know so many adults who have a difficult time asking for help when they are in need. It always surprises me how these things can slowly build up. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I find myself slowly, increasingly frustrated, as I try to manage all my tasks. Suddenly I find myself irritated and on the verge of tears. I am in need and never saw it coming. I think that sometimes we miss the slow build because we stay too busy. Some of us never had people that we could depend upon. Others of us were socialized to be strong and independent—one might even say proud. I suspect that the son fell into the later of these categories. But he did eventually find his way to a place where he could see his need and decided to ask for help. I hope that for you this season—that during this time of turning inward, of reflection—that you can notice when you need help before things get desperate and that you are able to ask for help.

Prayer: God our parent, help us when we are most in need, and help us not to fear asking for help.