Lenten Devotional – Sat, March 30th


By: Bethany Apelquist

Psalm 63

Reflection—v.3 ‘Your steadfast love is better than life’

God loves you. It’s one of the first things we learn in Sunday school, and it’s one of the things we talk least about as adults. God loves you. A message that is so simple, yet is the most profound, life-changing, world-shaking, heart-stopping word that anyone can hear. God loves you. It’s what inclines us to love one another; it’s what opens the doors of Mercy. God loves you. This truth that moves my heart to your heart and yours to mine. God loves you. It’s what I celebrate with every part of my being, and it’s what I need to hear in my times of sorrow. God loves you. It’s the hope of Lent. It’s the joy of Easter. It’s the steadfast truth of all the in-between times. God loves you. I will say it again and again. God loves you. Tell yourself, tell your friends, tell the people that you don’t quite see eye to eye with. God loves you. It’s the message you will hear when you walk into the doors of Mercy Church and what you will take with you as you go. God loves you. It’s what fills your heart when we make music together, when we share food with our neighbors, when we laugh together, when we mourn together. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. I say it again and again because it’s what my soul needs to hear and what I bet your soul needs to hear, as well. This Lent, please, please don’t forget the message of the gospel—that indeed, God loves you.

Prayer God, thank you for your steadfast love.