Lenten Devotional – Saturday, March 16th


By: Kevin Harris

Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16

Reflection—v. 14 ‘Those who love me, I will deliver’

Psalm 91 is a message that we belong and that we are protected by a God who loves us. The world can be a disorienting and chaotic place. We can all feel overwhelmed or like we don’t belong—like everything is against us. Reflecting on this psalm reminds me that God is present with us and working to protect us, that God has sent a Savior to protect and guide us into this truth. The world may react with violence, but no weapon shall separate us from God’s everlasting love. Even when we feel the most rejected, God is protecting us. Because of this assurance, the Most High deserves our praise. For God also praises us by raising us out of the depths of hell. The Lord shows us a grace each and every day that our eyes open, and a grace each time that this leads to our hearts opening. Oh, how abundant that love is, knowing we have a God who walks with us when trouble comes, a God that says, ‘Move that mountain,’ when obstacles stand in our way. This assurance of God’s love is the truth that we do belong, and we are protected in love.


Prayer God of our deliverance, help us to know that you are always present to us, watching out for our every need, loving us and protecting us. May we always trust that we belong to you.