Lenten Devotional – Wednesday, March 13th


By: Rachel Carpenter

Psalm 91: 1-16

Reflection—v. 1-2 ‘You who live in the shelter of the Most High and abide in the shadow of the Almighty will say to the Lord, my refuge and my fortress’

To me the opening of this Psalm is a powerful and appropriate affirmation of everyone as beloved children of God. It is a reminder that God is our foundation—the only constant source of stability, strength, and sense of belonging. God is our home because God is radically loving. We are created by and for God. I appreciate how the words ‘live and abide’ are translated in present tense because that reflects our continual state of being as dignified creatures always in the presence of God. While that is all well and good to say, I struggle to remember this simple but profound truth in times of need. It is often difficult to embody this idea from day to day. I sometimes lose myself in a whirlwind of anxiety, obligations to others, and expectations of myself that I forget I am always held as beloved in God’s presence, especially during major life transitions. But God is the shelter all of us can return to and depend upon. We can ground ourselves in God’s goodness. We can dwell peacefully wherever we find ourselves knowing that God will sustain us through the trials that will come.


Prayer God our refuge, may we find shelter in you when we need it the most.