Lenten Devotional – Tuesday, March 12th


By: Bill Smith

Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16

Reflection—v. 1 ‘the shelter of the Most High’

The psalmist here is establishing a principle—that those who meditate on God and find their rest in the Lord will be protected from harm. This is similar to Jesus’ promise that all who are weary can find their rest in his embrace. Our God is a God who cares about those who are tired, weary, and exploited. God defends all who feel pushed out, looked over, or neglected by the world around us—those who have nowhere to go and no place to rest their exhausted bodies. God desires to be our refuge, our habitation, our home. It is interesting to me that in the Lukan passage, where Jesus is tempted in the wilderness, this psalm is quoted by the tempter of Jesus to try to get him to jump off the pinnacle of the temple. But Jesus knew that the enemy was not going to succeed in getting him to deny the God who loved him. His trust in God’s love for him was a deep trust that did not need to be tested. In doing this, Jesus gives us an example of trusting the truth that God wants goodness for all of us. We never need to doubt that we can look to God as our source of protection. We can trust that God does not want us to have to worry or doubt his love for us. Instead, we can know that we can always find refuge in God, our abiding habitation.


Prayer God, our home and shelter, protect us. May we feel your presence and your abiding love even—and especially—when we feel like we have nowhere to go.