Lenten Devotional – Monday, March 11th


By: David Swank

Luke 4:1-13

Reflection—v. 8 ‘worship the Lord your God and serve only him.’

I think what stands out right from the beginning of this passage is that the devil actually thinks he can outsmart Jesus by tempting him with bread or the promise of power. ‘I’ll give you all these kingdoms,’ he says. God created the world. God created everything, so just the thought of a sneaky devil actually saying ‘I’ll give you this, or I’ll give you that,’ makes me think that Jesus must have thought, ‘How can you give me something I already have?’ The only way to out-fox the devil is to have strong trust in the God who created you. Have strong and abundant faith that God will deliver you out of whatever crisis or turmoil that you may be going through, because the God who created everything is always more powerful than the devil. We get tempted every day—around almost every corner you go around, you’re gonna have an obstacle or hurdle right up in your face. But a way over and around these hurdles is to remember that the devil doesn’t actually have any real power—only God has the power. Now believe me, sometimes it feels like the powers of the devil are really strong, but he has what I call ‘make-believe’ power. It’s like being in the desert after so many hours, you see a big lake of water, but when you get there, there’s nothing but sand—it’s like a mirage, like smoke-screen power. In other words, the power the devil has over us is make-believe. But Jesus is the real thing. He’s got the world. And Jesus is on our side. We’re talking about God the creator of the whole world is with us through any hurdles that we might run into. No matter what happens, God will find a way to deliver you.


Prayer Powerful, wonderful God, protect us from the things that tempt and harm us.