Lenten Devotional – Sunday, March 10th


By: Jerome Johnson

Romans 10:8b-13

Reflection—v.13 ‘everybody who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.’

Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy; God blesses me, but I just won’t do right. I always know that God loves me, but I don’t know that God always loves the things I do when I’m being my own worst enemy. Sometimes I’m ashamed of myself. But I know God will pardon me. It says no one who believes will be put to shame, and God knows, I believe. I believe deeply. While I’ve got to stop this foolishness, the shame—God takes that away because God wants what’s good for us. Paul says, ‘Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.’ I like this passage because it means that I can be saved. It says anybody who calls on the Lord can be saved, and I call upon the Lord every day. It says anybody, right? Anybody. That means me, too. I’m saved. I may not always be living like it, or even feel like it, but God has saved me. ‘Calling upon the Lord’ doesn’t just mean reaching out in prayer. It’s something I do everyday: in my sleep, when I wake up… I’m calling on God right now. And I know the Lord is with me—I can just feel it, and it makes me feel good. This passage is not just a reminder that even I can be saved, but that God wants the redemption of the whole world. It says anybody. What I think that means for how we should treat one another is that we should treat one another with kindness, the way we would want to be treated. This passage also says that we won’t be put to shame. I want to believe that and start doing right.


Prayer Redeemer of the whole world, take away our shame that we may live.