Lenten Devotional – Saturday, March 9th


By: Brittany Fiscus-van Rossum

2 Corinthians 5:20-6:10

Reflection—v. 8 ‘we are treated as imposters…as unknown, and yet are well known.’

Think of a time when you have entered a church, a store, or a friend’s home and have been greeted and welcomed inside. Were you doted upon? Courted even? Did you feel like you were wanted in that space? Now imagine with me the opposite of this kind of interaction. Imagine long, weary looks from those better dressed than you. Imagine furtive side-eye from a security guard, scooting ever-closer your way. Imagine the nervous glances from the woman pushing a stroller, pulling out her phone. ‘Wait, is she calling the cops?’ you might wonder. We all share living space with others we barely see. We should know one another, but we treat each other as unknown imposters, invading what some consider to be decent, orderly, and gentrified spaces. We throw up a building or a sign and deem something ‘private’ and impenetrable, when whole communities have been living there long before us. Increasingly, our neighbors—that’s right, our neighbors living in the streets, parks, and parking lots we all share—are getting pushed out of their living spaces, merely because some don’t like how things ‘look.’ As Christians, we know the truth—that we are all beloved children of God, worthy of relationship and welcome. So why are some of us treated as imposters, strangers, and intruders in the very places where all of us must live? Instead of pushing out, may we all hear the call to welcome in, holding one another with the dignity and respect that all God’s children deserve.


Prayer God, help us to better know and love and respect our neighbors.