Lenten Devotional – Friday, March 8th


Brittany Fiscus-van Rossum

2 Corinthians 5:20-6:10

Reflection—v. 10 ‘as poor, yet making many rich.’

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about our perceptions of abundance and prosperity, and how such things are relative. For example, I often feel like my partner and I do not make enough money to adequately support our family. This dread of ‘not having enough’ can make me weary of sharing or giving. However, when I look at all that we have in comparison to people who live on so much less, it suddenly shifts my perspective and makes me realize the privileged life I live. I am also reminded of the abundance of time I have, of health and energy, that can allow me to give and share in ways that are not always merely monetary. Nothing drives this realization home for me more than seeing the ways in which people give of themselves at Mercy. People, who by the standards of many have very little at all, daily share their time, their energy, their intellect, their artistic ability, even their one spare sandwich or extra pair of socks. Mercy is a community where people have learned to give out of their own abundance. At Mercy, we may not be rich by societal standards, but we are rich in mercy. The world may call us poor, but we are sharing mercy so others may be rich as well—for the thing about mercy is, it is not a finite resource. What abundance do you have in your life, and how can you share it?


Prayer God of mercy, help us to remember that we all have something to give. May we be rich in mercy, and always willing to share.