Epiphany -Sunday, Jan 6th

By: Bethany Apelquist

Isaiah 60:1-6

IMG_2979Reflection—v. 5, ‘The abundance of the sea will be brought to you’
Something that I remember from elementary school was a research project about the giant squid. I thought the giant squid was awesome because technically no one has ever seen this creature alive as it lives so deep in the ocean. I realized that the ocean I saw at the beach was just a small portion of the vastly deep sea that sustains life that we can’t even see. When Isaiah says the abundance of the seas will be brought to the people of Israel, I can’t help but be impressed, and even moved. Too often, I find myself operating from a mindset of lack—I don’t give generously because I lack resources, I am stingy with my time because I lack free time, I don’t act with boldness because I lack courage. It’s in the DNA of our culture to think in terms of lack. But when I think about the God who created the heavens and earth coming to dwell with us, I am moved toward the freedom of abundance. When we operate out of abundance, we can give freely, we can work for justice with full hearts, we can love unconditionally. I see this so clearly at Mercy. For some, it means giving their extra pair of socks to someone with no socks. For others, it means sharing their musical and artistic talents. We share the resources that we have knowing that God sustains us. God’s love is as vast and as deep as the sea that houses that giant squid, and in that, there is freedom to love others, not just at Christmas now past but through the entire year.
Prayer: God, do not let our fear of lack hinder our ability to do the work of love and justice.