Advent Devotional – Saturday, Jan 5th

By: Harrison Davis

Colossians 3. 12-17

IMG_2971Reflection—v.13, ‘Bear with one another’
There is something beautiful in the honesty of this statement. At Mercy, we talk a lot about choosing life with God by living in community with one another. The road to a full and complete life begins with treating each other with patience, mercy, and love. But no matter how many times we say it, we often forget just how truly difficult it is to live with one another. We forget that each morning, we all wake up in a world of our own. We may be hungry, tired, or cold. We may be dealing with tragedy or loss, pain or emotional suffering, guilt or feelings of personal failure. We may want to just give up for that one day, that one morning, or even that single moment. Each one of us comes to Mercy’s table with heavy hearts, minds and lives. It can be hard to find love and kindness for others when to love and be kind to oneself is such an arduous journey. ‘Bear with me’—it starts here. When I mess up, or lose myself to anger, frustration, or impatience, the reason is often my own inability to bear with myself. In those moments, all I could ever hope for is patience from others. So many times, I have been given the grace to be broken, incomplete. I am given the trust that I am actively fighting to find wholeness. The least I can do is to return that grace, to try to clothe myself with love and forgiveness, even if it means beginning by just bearing.
Prayer: Giver of all good things, may we remember who we all truly are: your beloved