Advent Devotional – Friday, Jan 4th

By: Jill Oglesby-Evans

Isaiah 60: 1-6

Jill ThumbnailReflection—v.1, ‘arise, shine’
“Wakey, wakey, rise and shine!” sang my morning-person Mom in order to dynamite me and my sisters out of bed. How I loathed to hear those words, never mind the buoyant tone with which they were delivered. Slow to transition from the soft, cozy realm of oblivion to the cold, hard light of day, suffice it to say that I am decidedly not a morning person. Isaiah, on the other hand, clearly is. ‘Arise, shine; for your light has come!’ he exclaims, ‘and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!’ ‘Yeah, yeah,’ I mumble in response; ‘Just give me a minute.’ First thing in the morning, not even the coming of the Lord causes me to ‘thrill and rejoice.’ But what if I were given more time? What if I were given ‘til noon, say, or until five, or until whatever time necessary to wake up to the Light of Christ? Well, for sure, I would have a better chance; wouldn’t we all? Good thing God is more patient than my mother.
Prayer: Good-natured God, thank you for your patience and persistence with turning my
yawning heart from the comfort of oblivion to the Light of your Life.