Advent Devotional – Monday, Dec 31st

By: Maggie Leonard

Colossians 3:1-17

Maggie waterReflection—v. 13 ‘forgive each other… as the Lord has forgiven you’
During this season of Christmas, we welcome Jesus into the world. Try as we might, I suspect that after all these days of preparing for Jesus’ birth, we have not found ourselves to be perfectly ready to welcome love into the world. We may have spent more time shopping, cooking, and hanging lights than reflecting in the dark and making more space in our hearts. That’s okay. The process of living more fully in love doesn’t stop at Advent. It continues into Christmas! There’s this catchy song on the radio by lovelytheband that I cannot get out of my head. The lyrics say, ‘I like that you’re broken, broken like me; maybe that makes me a fool.’ I love this line. I love the idea that our brokenness and our rough spots might make us more lovable, more relatable. Of course, there is hurt in our brokenness—we have been hurt by others and we have hurt others. And yet we are still lovable! That’s part of the grace of this season. I don’t have it all right all the time, and neither do you. But we still have the gift of Christ in our lives. We still have time to grow and change. Our lovability and brokenness can help us to understand and love others. We can still be forgiven. And we can still forgive. God lives with us and shows us the way.
Prayer: Holy God, help us to continue to reflect and grow in this new year—always forgiving, always loving.