Advent Devotional – Friday, Dec 28th

By: Chad Hyatt

Luke 1:46b-55

IMG_3075.jpgReflection—v.52, ‘He has… lifted up the lowly’
I pray the rosary for many reasons, I suppose. I believe in the communion of saints—in calling on the hosts of heaven in times of need. But more than anything, I pray the rosary because I am inspired by Mary and the radical discipleship she shows us as she follows the one who was himself the fruit of her womb. Nowhere is that radical way of following Jesus clearer than in the Magnificat. She names herself as ‘lowly,’ as one who is poor, forgotten, at the margins. But she knows that God is one who sees her and regards her with favor. She knows God as one whose attentiveness to us causes God to act decisively for deliverance. Mary is a theologian who is unafraid to name the truth that God works boldly in human history on behalf of those who are poor and discarded by systems of power. This action of God leads to a new order and a new naming: she will be called no longer lowly but ‘blessed,’ just as Spirit-filled Elizabeth proclaimed. But Mary also understands that what God is doing isn’t just for her alone—God’s liberation is for all people. It topples systems of power that oppress and exploit, and it confounds arrogant leaders and their self-serving schemes. The God who made all human beings in God’s own likeness does not want any of us as slaves and none of us as pharaohs. Mary understands that. Mary sings a hopeful hymn of liberation for us all.
Prayer: Hail Mary, full of grace, sing your song with us!