Christmas Day, Tuesday, Dec 25th

By: Chad Hyatt

John 1:1-14

IMG_2983.jpgReflection—v.4, ‘in him was life, and the life was the light of all people’
It’s Christmas, and we stand in awe that God takes up our own frail flesh to dwell with us. But let us not forget the inherent dignity of that same radiant life residing in every human person. A few weeks ago, a member of our community lay shivering in the cold rain. He had made his bed of cardboard on the slick, soaked concrete, huddled close to our gate. A thin blanket, saturated from the unrelenting deluge, clung to his body. A friend found a dry blanket (all our blankets had been given away, including the now useless one that draped our chilled-to-the-bone brother), and in that time, he found his way to the back door of the church. There was an awning, beneath which he could find some small sliver of shelter. We cobbled together a few umbrellas and made a coffee run. We left him there at the door of the church, a broken body that—stepped over or stooped beside—could not be ignored. We must confess our sins, crying out to God for mercy, for what we have done and for what we have failed to do. That day, we did what we felt we could, but let us never believe, that so little is enough. The Christ pitched his tent on our doorstep that night and shivered in the cold. In the morning, we welcomed him for a cup of hot coffee, and with a smile, he thanked us.
Prayer: Christ of our doorstep, lead us to liberation.