Advent Devotional – Tuesday, Dec 18th

By: Ivan Cooley

Isaiah 12: 1-6

Mercy Group PhotoReflection—v.5, ‘sing praises to the Lord’
One of the ways that I have tried to change my life is that I have made a habit of singing praises to the Lord to show gratitude for everything that the Lord has done for me. There were times in my life—in the not so distant past—when I was mainly lamenting, crying, and complaining to the Lord. One of the reasons is because I isolated myself and tried to live on my own little island. But the Lord sent people here to help us. When God came to save us, God came to save us as individuals, but God also came to save us as nations, communities, and groups. We were not created to be alone. There are times when we don’t measure up, as we all know. But God does not leave us, and we do not have to be alone. Fortunately, I found a group that I can sing praises along with. Their love, compassion, and help has led me to recognize that I am not here alone and that no matter what I may face, the Lord will be there for me. It seems to me that everything God does is to the good. That’s why I throw my lot in with God. I go with God because of the way I want the world to be, and the way I know God wants the world to be. It isn’t always going to be easy. But it’s like anything else—the more you practice it, the easier it gets. So I practice thanking the Lord for everything he’s given me.
Prayer: Lord, I sing praises to you because you save me along with all my sisters and
brothers—because you never leave us alone. That’s why I throw my lot in with you.