Advent Devotional – Monday, Dec 17th

By: Ivan Cooley

Isaiah 12:1-6

Reflection—v.1, ‘you comforted me’
IMG_3101I try the best I can to blend into society and appear non-threatening. I try to give people a wide berth, so they don’t get nervous if I’m walking too close to them. I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to suspect me of anything or fear me for any reason. Because they don’t. Sure, the security guard at the hospital had no way of knowing that, but at the same time, incidents of this nature have happened to me so many times that I guess I take it a little personally sometimes. I let it upset me. But this time, I turned my anger away from the security guard. And when I turned my anger away from him, that’s when the Lord comforted me. So long as I was holding on to that, it was pain. When I let it go, when I forgave him, I found comfort in that. I look at anger as chains. Now there are things we should be angry about, don’t misunderstand me. But when we internalize this anger and make it part of who we are, then that’s not what God wants us to be. God wants us to take our anger and use it for good. Turn away from it, and then comfort others. If people could just understand that the world is a beautiful place and people are beautiful creations of God, and we could just stop seeing all these differences and being mad at each other and just really try to love each other-just think about how beautiful the world would really be.
Prayer: God, help us to be what you want us to be, to see one another as your beautiful
creations, so that we might enjoy this beautiful world of ours together.