Advent Devotional – Thursday, Dec 6th

IMG_2935By: Brittany Fiscus-van Rossum

Jeremiah 33: 14-16

Reflection—v. 16, ‘Jerusalem will live in safety’
With God’s righteousness and justice, comes the promise of safety for Jerusalem. Safety
is important. We want our children to be safe when we send them off to school. We want
to feel safe in the places where we worship and live. Humans need to feel safe in order to
thrive. Yet sometimes when conversations about safety arise, I feel a sense of dread because people are often talking about feeling unsafe around our community at Mercy. There is an endless debate about where those living outside can sleep or sit or just be. You cannot look a certain way and be too close to a daycare or linger in a parking lot too long. Because let us be honest, people are afraid of those of us who happen to be living on the streets. Forgetting our humanity, we classify our brothers and sisters living on the streets as the ‘dangerous’ type and require protection from them. But who in our city is worrying about the safety of the Mercy community? When security pushes us out of every dry place in this neighborhood, and even churches don’t want to shelter us, where can we go to get a safe night’s sleep? When the Super Bowl comes to Atlanta, and we get rounded up and sent to jail for just existing, who will stand up and keep us safe? When winter comes and the cops can no longer drop us off at the warm, open doors of Peachtree and Pine, where can we go for safety from the frigid cold? Come, O Lord. Come, O Branch of David, that we may live in safety, too.