Advent Devotional – Wednesday, Dec 5th

IMG_2935By: Freddie Heath & Brittany Fiscus-van Rossum

Psalm 25: 1-10

Reflection—v. 7, ‘Do not remember the sins of my youth’
Freddie is a faithful member of the Mercy community. He’s a lover of the Old Testament,
a gracious and forgiving soul, and can make beautiful harmony like you wouldn’t believe. I asked Freddie if he would be willing to impart some his wisdom of the Scriptures for these devotionals and he decided he would like to share his thoughts on Psalm 25. Freddie and I got together and buried our heads in the text, reading the psalm aloud, slowly, and intentionally. ‘That is beautiful,’ Freddie sighed, as we finished reading. ‘Basically, what I get out of it…’ he said and then paused. ‘Is this David talking to God? Oh yes, it says a Psalm of David,’ he answered himself, as he pictured what David must be feeling as he asks for God’s steadfast love and forgiveness. ‘David is asking the Lord to continue guiding him in God’s holy path. He is asking for God to forgive him of his past sins. He’s asking for God to allow him to keep his faithfulness.’ Freddie decided that this psalm was about our relationship with God, about how we ‘stay close to God.’ We all have things in our lives we’d rather have God ‘not remember’ about us. Yet God never leaves. God is always faithful and always present on our ‘daily walks.’ ‘God wants us to walk with him,’ Freddie insisted. ‘God forgives us of our pasts. What goes for David, goes for all of us. We will be delivered unto God.’
Prayer: Help us on our daily walks to be faithful to you, and to trust in your faithfulness to us.