Advent Devotional – Monday, Dec 3rd

IMG_2935By: Brittany Fiscus-van Rossum

Luke 21:25-36

Reflection—v. 26, ‘apprehensive of what is coming on the world’
Why would the coming of our redemption make us apprehensive? Do we not want the
redemption of the whole world? If God’s kingdom is one in which all humans are honored for their God-given value and inherent human dignity, don’t we want that? If redemption looks like relationships being made right and human interactions founded in love instead of fear and misunderstanding, don’t we want that? We want to desire these things, and yet, those of us with power and privilege are not willing to step down from the social ladder and draw near to the vulnerable among us. Sure, we’ll share a Facebook post or engage in a lively argument or two, maybe light a candle, but are we willing to make an actual sacrifice, or to give up our own power and privilege for the sake of our neighbor? If that is what is required, then of course God’s kingdom makes us apprehensive. It’s a paradigm-shattering, system-crumbling, societal-standards-be-damned, seas-roaring, heavens-shaking kind of revolution. It can be difficult for those benefiting from the way things are to join a revolution—it causes apprehension. But when the Son of Man comes he asks everything of us, so if your heavens and earth aren’t shook, they should be. But fear not. All this revolution, the signs in the stars and the sun, do not point to our demise—no, but to our redemption.
Prayer: May your redemption draw near, God, and may we desire your goodness for all.

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