Sat, April 8th

By: Maggie Leonard

John 11:1-45

Reflection— v. 41, they removed the stone

Here’s the storyline as I’m reading it today—Lazarus was ill, things kept getting worse until he hit rock bottom.  His friends and family saw his struggle and their hearts broke.  With the help of God, new life was offered!  But there was a rock in the way.  Do his friends write him off as lost forever or do they move the rock?  Sometimes there are real barriers in our way to healthy living, barriers that were placed there by someone else.  It can take a whole community to remove those barriers.  As Christian community, we trust in the power of God, value the empowerment of the individual, and know that we are called to look past our own self-interest and gather together as a community to help others.  In particular, we gather to help the most vulnerable in our community—those without resources or power within our society.  Can we take seriously those who tell us that our systems are hurting them? Do we believe those who tell us that they are oppressed?  Can we see the advantages that some have over others? Who do we dismiss? Who do we help? Who do we stand with? Can we keep our hearts open and help those who are asking for it, or for us to stand with them as they help themselves?

Prayer God, help us to see the stones in our community.  Help us have the wisdom, strength, power, and numbers to remove them.