Wed, April 5th

By: Maggie Leonard

Ezekiel 37:1-14

Reflection—v. 11, these bones are the entire house of Israel

Dry bones, death, this lack of living is not just an individual problem, it’s the struggle of a people, all of society.  The essence of being a people is seeing one another as equally spirit-filled—that God is infused in each and every one of us—and as kindred—somehow bound to one another, whether by culture, belief, blood, proximity, or interest.  The meat of coming together as society is relationship.  In our increasingly global world, our work is to find kindredness in our fellow humans, if for no other reason than someone else is human.  Being human carries value, nothing has to be done to earn that value.  We are intrinsically valuable, beloved.  Being diverse, we will not all see things the same way, but that doesn’t have to break relationship.  The discomfort of disagreeing frequently leads to push-back, to blame. But blame for what went wrong turns discomfort into an issue, something to fix, and corrodes relationship.  To nurture relationship we have to find connection, to nurture empathy. Nurturing relationship requires openness, forgiveness, and vulnerability.  When something doesn’t go our way, we name what we experienced and how we feel—which requires vulnerability—instead of pointing fingers and blowing up.  Our spirit-filled relationship will enflesh the driest of bones.

Prayer Triune God, relationship is the sweetness of life. Help us to relate and love.