Tues, April 4th

By: Maggie Leonard

Ezekiel 37:1-14

Reflection—v. 7-8, the bones came together, bone by bone… suddenly there were sinews on them… flesh appeared… covered over with skin. But there was still no breath in them

Bones may have flesh, but that does not mean that they are living.  Consider for a moment, zombies.  Yes, I know that they are fictional, but they are not without literary symbolism—they are the walking dead, going through all the motions of human life, but without the life part.  We can get this way, becoming rigid or set in our ways, forgetting the things that motivate and inspire us.  Morever, just like these mindless monsters we too can become numb and prone to violence and war, hoping only to satisfy our hungers and cravings, and eager to spread our affliction to others.  Like zombies, just because we are enfleshed does not mean that we are living.  To really live requires breath, requires spirit.  There is a spark that enlivens a purpose and which decisively engages us.  The Spirit helps us to live fully—full of feeling, full of surprise, full of inspiration, full of hope, and full of love.

Prayer God of light and life, give these old bones purpose, motivation, and inspiration.  Stir our spirits that we may be messengers and teachers of life.