Mon, April 3rd

By: Maggie Leonard

Ezekiel 37:1-14

Reflection—v. 5, I am about to put breath in you, and you will live

In Hebrew, the word ‘ruach’ is translated into English a few different ways, most frequently as ‘breath’ or ‘spirit.’  In this ancient understanding, both spirit and breath are one and the same.  And ruach turns death into life.  I love how physical our faith is—that in touching water I can remember that I am beloved, in eating bread that I can remember Jesus’ saving grace, and in breathing that I can remember God’s life giving spirit within me always.  Every breath we take can be a reminder of the way that God infuses us with life. We don’t truly live without spirit. And really, I think that’s an important part of this passage—life does not come to us because of what we have done.  It’s not something to be won or forced in one direction or another.  Life is something that is given, placed within us, which we can then experience.  When I slow down enough to notice each breath, I savor the sweetness of living.  In that way, life is not about what we make of it, but to feel all the feels, survey the possibilities, act with intentionality, be curious, honor the experience of others, dwell with love, and to know God.

Prayer Spirit, you are truly the center of our existence. Help open us to the possibility of experiencing all that you offer—soften our resistance and grow in us a humble heart that we might let go and live in you.