Wed, March 29th

Ephesians 5:8-14

Reflection—v. 14, Everything that is revealed by the light is light

One of the greatest gifts that prayer and mindfulness practices have  given me is the ability to cultivate my ability to witness with love. To witness, in this respect, is to take in information without reacting to it.  It is the practice of noticing and observing without having to make a judgement or put the label of  ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ upon it.  A low test score isn’t bad, it reveals that I have things left to learn.  Falling out of a yoga pose isn’t embarrassing, it means that I’m off balance or have strength yet to develop.  A poll that reveals an opinion different than my own isn’t wrong, it means people have different experiences of the same situation.   In fact, most of what we see and would interpret as negative could in fact be seen as helpful information for making a decision.  It can reveal that of which I am not yet aware.  Outside of the movies, I have never met anyone who was not doing the best that they could given their circumstances. Nobody sees themselves as the bad guy.  Most people involved in unhealthy behavior don’t see that behavior as unhealthy, but have self-justified reasons for their actions.  More information, more perspective, more revelation may be more complicated, but it is ultimately good. May we see the experiences of others as light on the way to love.

Prayer Patient Lord of Light, may I trust that all that is revealed may be used to draw your people closer to you.