Thurs, March 16th

By: Brittany Fiscus-van Rossum

Romans 4:1-5, 13-17

Reflection—v. 13, not…through the law.

One of the things Paul emphasizes in his letter to the Romans is that God is not hung up about Christians maintaining the practices of Jewish law. While the law is not inherently bad, he admonishes Christians to be more concerned with faith in God than keeping the law. However, it can be quite easy to ignore Paul’s cautions and get caught up in a ‘right and wrong’ legalistic version of Christianity, even as we tell ourselves that God’s justice works differently than the ways of this world. We would rather have order and law than grace. Daily, we are forced to acknowledge that while some of us have housing, others do not, while some of us have the advantage of an education, others do not, while some of us live in comparatively safe and comfortable situations, others do not, and while some of us have the obvious advantages that privilege affords, others do not. It could be easy to say we deserve things like comfort, safety, housing, and refuge because we work hard, because we follow the rules, or because we’re American, but the nagging and unavoidable truth is that things aren’t that simple. Instead of getting hung up on the law or what we think we’re owed, let us practice grace.

Prayer God of truth and light, help us to see and acknowledge your truth, even and especially when we would rather ignore it.