Sun, March 12th

By: Brittany Fiscus-van Rossum

John 3:1-17

Reflection—v.16, for God so loved the world.

In his clandestine meeting with Nicodemus, Jesus says a lot of really confusing things. He uses a lot of metaphors and descriptions of water and spirit and being born from john-magee-danteabove. It’s a bit perplexing (don’t worry; Nicodemus struggled with it, too). But the one bold, unconfounding message of this dialogue is when Jesus asserts that God did not send him to condemn, but in fact sent him because God loved the world so much. Maybe it is both the simplicity and incredible reassurance of this statement that makes it such a popular verse. But if God loving the world is so easy to comprehend, why then do we find it so difficult to live this way? We do not act like we believe God loves the world. Sometimes we act like God loves America, but the world? Not so much. Other times we can trust that God loves Christians, but the Muslim world? They’re definitely out. Sometimes we can even decide that God loves our political party, but those other people? How could God? It’s simple. God so loved the world. The whole world. In those moments when we’re feeling confused like Nicodemus, and we’re not sure how to be a Christian in the midst of everything we experience, remember that this part is simple: God loves the world, do the same.

Prayer God, thank you for loving us beyond our comprehension. Continue to remind us that you love us, that we are loved, and that we are called to love one another.