Sat, March 11th

By: Maggie Leonard

Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7

Reflection—v.5, you will see clearly and you will be like God, knowing good and evil

The debate continues.  Did God lie?  Did God want to keep us ignorant?  I’m never quite sure who comes off looking like the biggest jerk here—the sneaky snake, the disobedient humans, or the cryptic god.  Though, as we think about being the children of God—can I really blame God for wanting to shield our innocence? In the Italian movie, Life is Beautiful, a loving father goes to great lengths to shield his young son from the realities of Nazi hatred, going so far as to turn the experience of living in a concentration camp into that of a game.  The father tried to protect his son from seeing the death that already surrounded him.  How could anyone see such atrocities without feeling their own heart break?  Catherine of Sienna once said, ‘Every step to heaven is heaven.’ I suspect the opposite could be true, ‘every step toward death is death.’  When we do things to hurt one another, when we turn our backs to God, when we see death around us, we experience death—all of its pain, all of its loneliness, all of its destruction.  I suspect that in knowing the difference between good and evil, that humans were able to see the difference between love and pain.  Knowing was as good as death.  Our work now, is to see and understand suffering, but to choose life, to choose love.

Prayer Author of life, may I not be blinded by pain but turn to the love you offer.