Fri, Jan 6th

By: Maggie Leonard
Matthew 2. 1-12
Reflection—v. 3, ‘they saw the star they were filled with joy’
It was still distant, but the star stopped moving. The end was in sight, their long
journey almost half over. The idea of following a star sounds so whimsical. I
suppose there are some benefits, like never being out in the hot sun, but traveling only at night sounds dark, disorienting, difficult, and lonely. With so many stars in the sky, however did they distinguish them all? It’s astonishing how a little speck in the sky could keep them moving forward over thousands of miles. Hope can be like that, the smallest bit of light can inspire us to do the impossible. There are so many things that beg our attention—other stars that glimmer and flicker—but that do not bring the same joy as following God’s mysterious path. So much around us promises momentary pleasure—more so than ever before. In past years we had to work for the things that bring us pleasure, but these days, with so many pleasurable things at our fingertips, we forget the deeper satisfaction that comes with patience and joy. May we turn to God’s light and experience the joy that comes with God’s promise of presence and peace.
Lord of light, help me to discern your light, that I might follow it.