Thur, Jan 5th

By: Maggie Leonard
Matthew 2.13-23
Reflection—v. 18, ‘weeping for her children, she refused to be consoled because they are no more’
We get so uncomfortable by the weeping and grieving of others, but that process
is so important. It is difficult to be present in those moments, there is nothing to
do, nothing that we can fix. Often when we try to comfort others it is because
of our own discomfort, not because they are ready to stop—the release is an
important part of the process. Loss should be honored. Instead of silencing the
voices of hurt and pain, I wonder if we are willing to hear the lamentation so
many try to keep to themselves. There is healing in the sharing of the experience, there is healing that comes from truly being heard and that experience being honored. To work through our own grief and to hold the experience of others, we have to slow down. Together we will find our way through. It may be slower than we want, but we will find our way.
God, nothing will ever be right again. There are times when I am so
scared and sad that I don’t know what to do. Help me find my release. Help me
to have safe places to share my story. Help me to move toward hope