Sat, Dec 31

By: Chad Hyatt
Luke 2.1-20
Reflection—v. 17, ‘they made known the saying’
The good news we celebrate is not just for angels to sing. It is for all to tell. At
first, the shepherds trembled in fear when the angel appeared and the ‘the glory
of the Lord shone round about them’ (2.9). God’s glory—even God’s gracious
promise to save and heal us—often fills us with fear. To enter the promised land
is to leave behind everything that we know. To experience sobriety and recovery
from our addictions is to give up sources of comfort we have long held. But the
shepherds do not allow fear to decide their fate. Courage has less to do with banishing all our fears than with choosing to face them and to move toward wholeness despite them. The shepherds ‘go with haste’ to search out the sign they had been foretold. This is genuine faith in the face of fear, of believing the impossible just might be possible for us because of the greatness of God’s love. When the shepherds come upon the holy family, they take up the evangelizing—the good news telling—of the angels: they ‘made known the saying which had been told them concerning the child.’ Where the glory of God once terrified them, now they are the ones giving God glory for all that they had ‘heard and seen’ (2.20).
God, we tell the good news the angels sang: you have come to set us free.