Thur, Dec 29th

By: Chad Hyatt
Luke 2.1-20
Reflection—v. 11, ‘a Savior, who is Christ the Lord’
The angel announces that the child who is being born is ‘Lord.’ Always and every where, in every age and time, this is our scandalous proclamation: Jesus is Lord. Make no mistake, to declare he is Lord is to deny that there is any other. Just as ‘good news’ signals the angelic message is political, the content of that good news—that a Savior is born for all the people, Christ the Lord—is an exclamation point. The birth of Jesus is a direct challenge to all other ways of organizing human communities apart from God’s justice and mercy. Caesar proclaimed he was ‘Savior’ and a ‘son of God,’ the unquestioned Lord of his empire. But we owe our allegiance to Jesus alone. We should, of course, work for the well-being of our nation—and all nations. We should vote, advocate, and vigorously debate the
merits of public policy. But we must never allow such passions, however noble
we believe them to be, to take the place of our call to a higher, transcendent,
and fundamentally transformative politics—a revolution of God’s love, filled with
mercy and justice, forgiveness for enemies and peace for the world.
Lord Jesus, our only Savior, let us give our only allegiance to your mercy.